How it all Started...

Eddie Larnerd took the metal shop class in high school and caught on so quickly, he was soon welding better than his instructor. When his school days ended, Eddie worked at several different Southern California shops, picking up metal-working tricks along the way. For a while, he worked with respected metal man, Steve Davis.

The year 1996 found this young craftsman hanging his first sign over the door of a 1,400 square-foot shop and Fast Eddie's Race Cars was born. The locals began beating a path to his door, as Eddie quickly became known for top-quality welding and fabrication, as well as having a great deal of experience with four-link suspensions.

That same year, construction began on Mark Mahood's now-famous, yellow '69 Camaro set up for Goodguys A/Gas competition. Fast Eddie's talents were evident from bumper to bumper, as Mahood battled to Goodguys Vintage Racing Association Championships in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007.

Business continued at a brisk pace, and it was necessary to relocate to a nearby 3,000 square-foot shop. Once again, Eddie proved his abilities, as his long list of customers continued to support him.

And Now...

Before long, there was barely enough room to turn around, so the search was on once again. Just when the rest of us flipped the page on our calendars to reveal the year 2006, Fast Eddie and his crew were loading up and moving a few miles east, though still in the city of Hayden, Idaho.

This time, 5,500 square feet of shop space is complemented by an additional 2,000 square feet of high performance showroom, where the available inventory grows by the day.